Track & Trace
Bar-coding Solution

As a part of continuous development to cater requirements of pharmaceutical companies we are proud to introduce Track & Trace System catering Primary Packaging, Secondary Packaging as well as Tertiary Packaging Bar coding requirements as per DGFT / MoHW & GS1 guidelines. Highlights of our system are as below:

Track & Trace System features :
  • Track & Trace System comprising of :
    • Conveyor Belt
    • Online Barcode Printer
    • Camera Inspection System
    • Online Rejection system
  • Online / Offline Barcode Printing Solution.
  • Printing solution on Vial, Blister, Secondary Packaging, Tertiary Packaging
  • Solution for printing Barcode on Variety of surfaces
  • Printing speed up to 250 pcs / minute
  • Bar Code Printing & Vision Inspection Control Panel
  • Inspection system with Bar Code Grade verification
  • Centralized Smart Track Server Application with MIS Reports.
  • Multi Location / Multi Plant / Multi Lines Solutions without continuous online connectivity
  • Predictive Unique Random Serial generation ( URS )
  • No repetition of Unique serial across any of Primary / Secondary / Tertiary packaging for robust management
  • No recurring charge for buying unique serial numbers
  • Barcode printing & Record keeping as per DGFT / MoHW / GS1 guidelines.
  • Compatible with Multiple Bar Code 1D / 2D Symbologies.
  • Batch Planning on different packaging stations & allocation with scheduling features.
  • Single Batch packaging allocation to Multiple Packaging stations
  • Multiple packaging style configuration for same product variant.
  • Shift wise user management and operator logins with reports.
  • Very simple packaging operator interface with Rights and Shift Timing Management
  • Tested and proven for billions of serial records without hampering production packaging speed.
  • Customized Report as per requirements
  • Import / Export of data with existing ERP
  • Can be configured for country specific regulations for export requirements
  • Compatible with tomorrow’s ePedigree requirements
  • Backend MS SQL Server / Oracle
  • Auto Database Backup Solution in compressed form.
  • Completely In-House setup at your premises for secured supply chain data.
Other key factors :
  • 25+ years of experienced team
  • Single Vendor solution for Complete Track & Trace System.
  • Software developed on Windows Platform using .NET
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software
  • Easy to Operate & Teach