• Track & Trace – Camera Inspection & Rejection

    Production lines working at speed of 75 to 250 cartons per minute & camera system will be inspecting data printed on cartons upon implementation of Track & Trace System. Camera system should be configured and well trained to read barcode as well as human readable printed matter as both should be inspected to take judgment of rejection.

    It is very simple to say that Camera System is all about accuracy of reading at high speed using industrial grade camera system for inspection of barcode as well as GTIN, Batch No., Expiry Date, URS ( Unique Random Serial ) being printed and decoding it to compare with database. But its science starts from design of conveyor belt followed by best printing quality and further accurate camera capabilities with its integrated software algorithm to read correctly and finally to instruct rejection mechanism to throw rejected carton into bin. As per GS1 guidelines, barcode printed below C grade is not acceptable. Human Readable Data which is printed should be legible.

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